Client work

Whether we're working with a single-founder startup, an established company, or a partner agency, we prioritize positive user experiences, clean code, and high-quality software every single time. Here are a few examples of our work.

Meridith Baer Home

Maridith Baer Home is the nation's premiere home staging company. In order to highlight their home staging and interior design portfolio, MBH hired us to develop a website that would showcase their past work and generate new leads. We built a successful solution with a clean UI, a fast frontend, and a lightweight Django/Wagtail backend to meet their needs.

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Meridith Baer Website Portfolio Item

Red Bull Photo Booth

Red Bull hosts nearly 1500 events each year, and in 2015 they were using multiple vendors to produce a photo booth experience at those events. Working with multiple entities at different events around the world was costly, inefficient, and not internationally scalable for an enterprise brand.

To aid in solving the aforementioned problems, I developed: (1) an Admin interface to manage Red Bull events, photo booth templates, and event venues; (2) an updated API with which a custom iOS photo booth application could communicate, and (3) an updated, public-facing fan site where event attendees could view photos from their event.

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Red Bull Photo Booth Admin

Oakley Lens Guide & Radar Pace

Radar Pace is a real-time voice activated coaching system that creates a unique training program, tracks your performance and coaches you in the moment. It is one of many products showcased in the Oakley Lens Guide, which we built to enable users to more easily discover lenses that best fit their lifestyles.

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Oakley Radar Pace

Dysonics Store

In 2012, Dysonics emerged from the UC Davis technology incubator (ETTC) to bring-to-market a revolution in 3D/VR audio & motion-tracking for headphones. Soon after, we were contacted to build a WordPress solution to showcase their patented hardware, and an eCommerce site to sell their software licenses. We arrived at a seamless solution which continues to generate new leads and sales to this day.

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Love the Edit

The Edit Girls from Love the Edit required a unique eCommerce site which they could use to showcase the coolest products on Amazon. LTE's monetization strategy required a seamless integration of Amazon's Affiliate program with their eCommerce site. We harnessed the power of multiple Amazon APIs to craft a solution where customers could "check in with Love the Edit and check out with Amazon".

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Aviation Scholarships

Aviation Scholarships is an aviation scholarship database which helps aspiring, student, and licensed pilots find the resources they need to pay for training. We helped this startup build a scholarship aggregation platform that included online applications and a donation tool for benefactors.

Meridith Baer Website Portfolio Item